Pet Microchipping in Denver, CO

If you own a pet that regularly goes outside or is always trying to run out of the house, you’ve probably worried about them running off and getting lost. You’ve outfitted them with a sturdy collar and I.D. tags, but you know that might not be good enough because a collar and tags can fall off or be removed. If you really want to increase the chance that your dog or cat will be found and returned if they go missing, you need to ask your vet about pet microchipping. It’s safe, painless, and affordable, and it works.

What Is Pet Microchipping?

Microchipping for pets has been used for many years. It involves inserting a small electronic transmitter called a microchip under the skin of an animal, typically between the shoulder blades. The chip is enclosed in a glass capsule, about the size of a grain of rice. A microchip can be programmed with information that can be read using a special scanner. It doesn’t require an internal battery because it is activated by radio waves transmitted from the scanner. This means it can stay in place permanently. If your pet is lost and found, a veterinarian or animal shelter can scan the chip for an identification number which is then used to look up your contact information in a database. Virtually all vets and shelters can do this. Pet microchipping greatly increases the chances your pet will make it home.

Pet Microchipping in Denver, CO

How Is A Microchip Implanted?

A hypodermic needle is used to place the microchip underneath the skin of your pet. Although the needle is a little bigger, it’s exactly like getting any other type of injection. No anesthesia or surgery is needed, and it can be done in about a minute during the course of a regular checkup. Once in place, it can’t be accidentally removed or lost.

What Maintenance Is Required?

The microchip itself requires no maintenance, though you should ask your vet to check it once a year to ensure it’s functioning properly. The most important thing for you to do is to make sure your contact information in the registry is kept up to date. If your pet is found and brought to a vet or shelter they’ll scan the microchip and check the registry and they need accurate info to reach you.

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Denver, CO Pet Microchipping