Spay and Neuter in Denver, CO

Many responsible pet owners elect to spay or neuter their dog or cat. Our veterinarian and staff offer this routine procedure at The Vet’s Animal Hospital. With our expert care and guidance, pet owners know how to best support their pets prior to and after a spay and neuter service. Learn more about what to expect and why many choose to have this procedure performed at The Vet’s Animal Hospital.

Why Have Spay and Neuter Services Performed on Your Pet

Spaying and neutering is a recommended medical procedure that often helps reduce unwanted pregnancies in dogs and cats. Unfortunately, undesired kittens and dogs can find their way to a shelter and may face euthanization when adoption fails to occur. Without this procedure, dogs and cats that remain intact may also show signs of aggressive behavior or be prone to specific diseases. Advantages when a pet owner decides to spay or neuter a pet include:

  • Less aggressive behavior
  • Not having to contend with an animal’s heat cycle
  • Pets are more likely to stay close to home rather than roam far
  • Reduced risk of cancer in a pet’s reproductive system

Spay and Neuter Denver, CO

Kittens can be spayed or neutered from 8 weeks of age and up. Puppies can have the surgery at approximately 6 months. Our team takes all measures to reduce any stress associated with visiting and prepping for this medical procedure. This routine procedure is associated with minimal, if any, complications. Our staff will provide guidance on how to support a pet’s healing after a spay or neuter surgery.

What to Do Pre- and Post-Surgery

As with many medical procedures, it is recommended that a pet not eat for a few hours before coming in. After the surgery, a pet should be allowed to rest in an area without being disturbed. They should refrain from unnecessary movements and possible overexertion. The incision site should be monitored every day for signs of inflammation or infection. The area should stay dry for 10 days. A pet may benefit from an Elizabethan collar to prevent irritation and support healing.

Spay and Neuter at Our Full-Service Animal Hospital in Denver, Colorado

Our Veterinarian, Dr. Dennis Sebunya, and our trusted team have served residents and pet owners of Denver and the surrounding areas since 1975. Call 303-429-0631 to schedule a spay and neuter appointment today.

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